SEO / SEM Case Studies



Richs foodservice, a leader in desert, toppings and bakery space, wanted to increase site traffic using as a primary marketing objective. The site was enjoying less than 8,000 visitors per month and the client wanted to exceed foodservice averages which were then approximately 10,000/month.


A sound SEO and SEM strategy. We conducted competitive research, keyword research and provided a report card on the site as it related to organic optimization.
From this we implemented an integrated search program that targeting the very illusive foodservice B2B audience from a paid and organic perspective.


Over 30,000 qualified visitors by program’s end. Up from the original 8,000 monthly average



Harvestland, a leading producer of organic chicken wasn’t being found within the first 100 SERPs (search engine page results) for relevant keywords. This presented an immediate challenge for the brand because top competitors were in fact being found.


Steel whites space in the organic industry by getting found!


A dedicated SEO strategy that targeted very specific industry keywords including long-tailed keywords, a content marketing plan and onsite optimization.


Page-one search results on Google for relevant keywords just after 2 weeks.